Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are to be known as a “super food!”

Chia means”strength” in the Mayan language

The Aztec warriors ate 1 spoonful of chia seeds that would sustain them with energy for 24 hours! ( not sure the size of spoon!)

Top Chia benefits are:

  1. Skin and aging helpers. Chia are rich in antioxidants which speed up skins repair system, which helps fight pre mature aging.
  2. Digestive health. 1 serving( an ounce) can provide the daily recommended fiber intake. chia seeds also create a gel like substance in your stomach which works like a probiotic , keeping digestion working smoothly.(This is why I started eating them! I had candida and leaky gut when nothing worked, I tried this! And I feel great!)
  3. Heart Health.There are a ton of benefits here but I will just name a few.They can reverse inflammation , regulate cholesterol, and lower bp. Also can help reverse anti oxidative stress. Read review in medical journals and trial reviews
  4. help type 2 diabetes. Read article in British journal of nutrition.!
  5. Chia boosts energy and metabolism! read: Journal of strength and conditioning article chia
  6. Stronger Bones. just one ounce of chia seeds has 18 percent of recommended daily calcium. They contain boron which is essential to bone health Look up
  7. Massive amounts of nutrition with very few calories
  8. Chia seeds can replace eggs! can be used as a pectin for jams and jellys! 2T=1ounce=138cal.. 3.adds fluff to pancakes! can thicken gravies,soups