Tips & Switches

Use these handy tips and switches to make your recipes healthy and gluten free

New bagels! Deluscious and soft! My new fav! I bought at Nutrition Cenyer Waupaca Wi

Chia seeds are to be known as a “super food!” Chia means”strength” in the Mayan language The Aztec warriors ate […]

Amino acids does not have wheat in it and is much healthier than soy sauce! Use to replace soy sauce […]

Say no to the lasagna noodles on the bottom(full of gluten) And yes to the ones Chefy is standing directly on! […]

when looking for noodles that are gluten free try and stay with the rice or rice mixtures. They tend to […]

Chefy likes to switch out his white sugar with either honey(locally grown) or stevia! Much healthier!

Chefy says try this tomato soup! Closest I have tasted to Cambells soup!!Its GF and yummy! Creamy,smooth,tasty!

An easy tip is to get rid of flours such as the one on Chefy`s left the unbleached regular  flour.That […]