Wooden Chair

Brotomushepperasheese" and omelette that appears Greek vegetable


  • beautiful decorum
  • excellent breakfast
  • all fresh vegtables
  • friendly


  • no gf desserts

1059 Main St.
Steven`s Point,WI

Hello foodies! O boy do I have a treat for you! My gal Tracy and I drove to Stevens Point hearing there was a real gem of a place hidden downtown! That tip really paid off! Being on a one way street I totally missed this little restaurant!

The Wooden Chair upon entering is absolutely charming! Seems like I stepped into a well kept,country time capsule! Original hardwood floors with one wall exposed brick. You can look around for quite awhile and learn about books,antique cookery,photos and more!

Onto the ordering,but before I do I let the waitress know of my gluten allergy. She assures me that they have a designated space and are very careful,she also tells me the cheese sauce is not gluten free.

Easy fix! I will substitute feta for sauce! I`m ordering the “Brotomushepperasheese”. Try saying that 3times!

My gal Tracy is ordering the omelette that appears to be greek! As in it has greek olives with fresh vegetables and hashbrowns.

Ordering a raspberry ice tea I`m expecting instant because nowhere have i had fresh brewed raspberry.NICE! not only is the ice tea fresh brewed it`s rich and delicious!
If you read my “about” page I am a firm believer a restaurant should be appealing to all senses! The Wooden Chair does just that!

Foods here! Mmmmm! Hash browns golden brown,light crisp on top and smooth and warm in the middle! Perfecto! My let`s call it the“Broto” looks great! All the vegetables are made perfectly! Not mushy! All fresh! and switching out the cheese sauce for feta cheese was a good call! yummmmmm…O yea, let`s look at the omelette! Beautiful,fluffy yellow,(you would not believe how many omelettes I have seen that have brown on the outside!) on the inside crisp but cooked spinach,with tomatoes,olives,spices! And her hashbrowns are perfect also! I would say we better stop our humming in delight or we are gonna break out in song!

We are planning on coming back next week! Add this to one of my favorites!! Please check out The Wooden Chair in Stevens Point WI!