The Red Rooster

Eggs Over Easy and Hashbrowns


  • clean
  • friendly
  • great food
  • great prices


  • no gf menu

237 s.cecil street
Bonduel WI,54107

Weekend travel means weekend reviews!! Hubby and I are in Bonduel, WI spoted this little cafe called Red Rooster!

Upon entering this sunny,clean little cafe we noticed cute decorations of,you guessed it, Roosters! Boy My sis would love this! Once we turned the corner besides the counter, man! This little cafe isn`t so little! They have a full dining room, plus back area and amazing looking soup and salad bar!

Glancing about one can`t help but notice the beautiful, scrumptious looking carousel of desserts! Too bad they arn`t any gf! Doesn`t mean others can`t enjoy! If you are not GF travel out here and try some!

Ordering breakfast today! Man that was quick! Did they have time to cook it?? Smells buttery warm! Eggs look perfect! I don`t know about you but when I order over easy! I don`t want em looking sneezy! Or uncooked!

Holy Cow! My mouth is doing the happy dance! Looking like ordinary hashbrowns but tasting like creamy on the inside and just golden on the outside,mmmmmm.

Why? aren`t hashbrowns just hashbrowns? Let`s ask this guy warming people`s coffees!

Low and behold he is the owner and has an explanation! He reports that the Red Roosters hashbrowns are fresh and all the cooks are trained to make them the same. Golden on the outside,creamy perfection on the inside! What a super nice guy!

Now that my review was mostly about the hashbrowns,everything else was great too! I suggest you all stop on out here and check out The Red Rooster!

Like I always say if you need a gluten free kitchen this won`t work for you! Luckily for me the salad bar, hashbrowns and breakfast worked for me! So worth the drive to Bonduel!