Rusty’s Backwater Saloon

Blood Mary - Bloody Maria

Roadtrip! What a great way to spend the day with friends or just your loved one! We are looking for a good Bloody Mary or in my case Bloody Maria! I am very,very picky about these! I was taught by a great lady bar owner in Appleton how to really make them good and it`s been a peave of mine ever since! Thanks Sharon! Anywhoo let`s travel!

We seem to be just outside of Stevens Point and the place has alot of cars! hope there is room for us! Wow! Rusty`s is big and not crowded! Sometimes I think everyone including kids drive their own vehicles! It is busy but there is enough room for us to cozy up to the bar!

I really keep my eyes open to see tell tale signs of if their Bloodies will be anything to write about! Looks like they are doing something right everyone at bar has a Bloody! Good start! I also see they are using vegetable juice, believe it or not that is a huge key to a successful Bloody! Guess I better order!

Bartendress knew what Bloody Maria was!Excellent step in what looks to be a positive outcome…but who knows!
Now for my Gf followers this probably isn`t a place to order food for you, for others menu looks great!
But I`m more interested in their “famous” Bloodys!

Ready…set…Holy cow!!! Never! Never in my life have I had a Maria as good as this! Now if you are thinkin maybe it`s because its Tequilla instead! NO!!! My husband has a regular and doesn`t like to taste vodka and he doesn`t! A Bloody doesn`t have to have a ton of stuff in it to be great, I judge on taste! They do however put a big A** meat stick in it and the regular items. Rusty`s combination of pepper juices, fresh crushed garlic,vegetable juice and spices perfect!! Appears that all bartenders are uniform in the way they make them. This means chances are they are all perfect!

My hubby ordered a perch lunch and it looked scrumptious! This adventure wasn`t for a gf food it was for a Bloody and I would say extremely successful!!

Well worth the roadtrip! I even got to talk to Rusty himself! Super friendly guy! His Carhart overalls really make the place!! Can`t wait to return!