Red Robin Restaurant

Red Robin Restaurant

N109 Stoneybrook Road
Appleton,WI 54915

Well they can`t all be good reviews although it would be nice! This was a very disappointing,not to mention too pricey for what was served.

They say they are gf friendly but pretty much after you look at menu their sauces all have some additives that may be unsafe for gf people so you can order a plain burger and possibly fries if the restaurant you are at has a separate fryer.

When my meal arrived needless to say the presentation was under whelming.. the photo of the burger had shown a big piece of leaf lettuce on the burger, I received a 2oz cup of shredded lettuce on the side,with the same for the tomatoes!

The burger looked very blah..and tasted worse..bun was like a mouth full of sawdust! Burger was overcooked,dry.. Little tiny bit of fries, no flavor..dry..
Thank goodness I ordered peach ice tea!! Tea was good!

As you can see by the photo what my meal looked like.. All this for 16 dollars and 46 cents! Over priced and under whelmed…

I was told the Red Robin in Oshkosh was good so I will check them out.

If I were to grade this restaurant it would be a Fail…
But that`s only my opinion..