R.D.S. Diner

Hashbrown skillet


  • great atmosphere
  • super friendly
  • amazing prices
  • extremely clean
  • fantastic cup of coffee


  • eggs abit overcooked that`s all

2404 Post road

What a gem we found today! My friend Tracy and I got abit lost and found this great little cafe!

You just never know what you`re gonna get when you enter a new establishment! Some call these little cafes “greasy spoons”this one is a far cry from that expression!

Looking around this place is immaculate! With a great 50`s retro vibe! With a bit of modern flare in their over head lights above the counter. Each one of the booths have the great American Eagle embroidered on them.Windows,window panes,and fans all clean! You don`t know how many times I check out a bathroom,look up,and yuck! ceiling fan just caked,Not here! It`s details of cleanliness that show people care!

Let`s order! I`m hungry for breakfast! Hashbrown skillet sounds delightful.I even get toast! they offer g.f.along with all other bread choices,no extra charges! Hmmm coffee,why not.

Now there`s a nice surprise! So smooth with no bitter after taste! never have I had this,sure all places say their coffee is great. This places really is! Gotta find out the secret! Seems their secret is fresh ground beans,it surely works! Best cup of Jo !

Foods here! mmm smells buttery! Delightful! I have 2 eggs,over hashbrowns with sausage,fresh mushrooms and onions in hashbrowns.

Alot of people don`t know that eggs turn brown when grill is too high. I was taught this when I was under an apprenticeship of a chef. So turn a section of you grill down. Brown eggs are actually scorched.

Besides that everything is delicious . The toast seems to be homemade because it is amazing! Hashbrowns cooked to perfection!

Yummy! Trust me you don`t appreciate toast until you can`t have it most of the time!

Feeling extremely blessed we got lost and found this great little cafe!