R.D.S Diner – Second Visit

Egg Salad


  • still great

2404 Post road

Lucky me! We had to go back to this sweet diner. Unless a place is real bad I like to go back a few to see if the experience is the same. Gives places either a do over or do under. Lunch sounds like a good idea! Such Friendly smiles and hellos! I could get use to a place like this!

Since they offer g.f. bread and one of their specials is egg salad sounds good! Tracy is ordering their broasted chicken special!

Same cleanliness,same friendliness, and wowza! Coffee just as smooth and delicious! I always got headaches from coffee but I`m thinking its the chemicals they put in the pre ground, because this fresh ground is amazing!

Orders up! OOO , Tracy`s chicken looks amazing! I can`t eat it because they don`t have g.f. breading or broaster but I can smell it! Spices smell just right! crisp golden brown,with juicy chicken inside! Tracy says spices are perfect! So is tender juicy inside!

Egg salad can easily be ruined if people over complicate it. Not here! Perfectly simple,just right amount of mayonaise,and simple spices! Yummy!

Would definitely say round 2 is just as delightful as round 1. You should check out this little gem!