Mile One Eating House

Mile One Eating House

7330 Arbutus Street,Pemberton B.C.
August 9,2016

I promised I would take you on any adventures I had this year and I`m taking you all the way up to Pemberton Canada!

Believe me when I say it is worth the drive!!

You may say ordering a burger is no big deal,but…for years burgers were a turn- off to me because they were not free range, they were not cooked properly and or presented properly.

Let`s just say, I have had my share of sawdust tasting buns! Just because it`s GF doesn`t mean I want a mouth full of sawdust tasting bun!!

Here at Mile One I was oooing, and ahhhing!

Just looking at their menu is appetizing!

Seeing that I`m from a little farm town I must order the Rusty Tractor burger,with handmade potato wedges and a salad!

Now I`m gonna just travel out to the outdoor seating where I`m looking at the most beautiful majestic view of mountains!!So refreshing!

Speaking of refreshing! My rootbeer is just that! Rootbeer and mountains I hope the food is just as great!

Kabaam! That was fast!

I ask again,2 more times if this bun is GF, reason I keep asking is it is homemade and looks too moist to be GF! Never have I seen; let alone tasted a better looking bun! First bite! Oooo my! Glorious!! Moist buttery bun on the outside, juicy mouth watering burger on the inside,with sweet fire roasted red pepper and Goat cheese!

I added fried onions but really did not need too!

Absolutely! Hands down the best burger and bun I have ever tasted!!

House dressing on the very fresh green salad is nice and light so not to over power the greens! One does not need to drown greens when they are good fresh greens!

So if you can get to Pemberton,B.C. check them out!