Marks East Side

Bavarian Scotch Egg, Perch, Scallops Deep Fried


  • still great service
  • food
  • atmospher


  • no gf soup

1045 E. Wisconsin Ave.

Hello! You can`t tell but I did that in my best Irish accent! Yes I went back to Mark`s! I`m a firm believer that you don`t always get the same service or food quality everytime you go back to an establishment!
Proved wrong I was this time!

My husband and I had a rare chance to go out to eat on a Friday afternoon, so of course we were going to try Mark`s fish. Hubby is a perch fan, myself scallops!

Mark`s is the only place I have found so far that I can eat deep fried. They have a seperate fryer and GF batters!! I`m so excited it has been too long!

We are seated up on the what I would call stage area of the bar. Really nice! Being my husband is 6ft6 having a tall table and chairs is perfect! Just looking at the bar area is a treat! Copper finishes,a large fish tank,plenty to see!

Here at Mark`s they also believe as I do that a salad,even a dinner salad, should be a mixture of greens! Alfalfa sprouts too! How delightful! Hot bacon dressing is made in house and is my fav!

Any of you who are familiar with scallops you know alot of places try to pass of little rubber balls as scallops…Not here! O my! large succulent , man mmmm. Yep,these are so big and juicy i can cut them in 3rds! Yummy!

Ok, I`m gonna describe this how it sounded( A harry met sally moment)Sorry if I offended anyone can not explain any other way how good these are!! Twice baked potato creamy,buttery,with just the right amount of chives!

Looking over at my hubby his perch appears to have a light flaky batter, not GF, and the butterfly`s are ample!

O heavens me!! I forgot to tell you hubby started off with an appetizer!

Bavarian Scotch Egg! It was a hard boiled egg,wrapped in german sausage, dipped and fried in Hacker Pschorr beer batter serviced on Bavarian sauerkraut!

Not being Gf I didn`t try it but hubby said it was great! Check out the pictures posted of it!

Mark`s has not let us down in anyway! Friendly, delicious,affordable,fun, I would say a huge treat for anyone who has a limited diet because the menu here is huge for us!!

So get over there and check them out! Tell Mark we sent ya!