Eagle River Inn

Steak, Eggs, and American Fries


  • great price
  • large quantity


  • no GF knowledge

Here we go again! This time we are heading to Eagle River Wi! I heard hidden in the Eagle river Inn is a little restaurant with a great breakfast! Let`s enjoy this beautiful fall day and go check it out!

Beautifully located on the water! With gorgeous blue sky`s and smiling faces to great us!

I`m gonna keep it basic and order steak, eggs, and American fries with onions. Even though I say this is basic this order has been messed up by others many times. Let`s see if they know what a true over easy egg looks like, and a medium steak, and crisp American fries.

While waiting for breakfast we are watching ducks in the pond, and I`m taking notice of how well kept and clean the restaurant is!! I really like clean places!!

Breakfast has arrived! Smells and looks wonderful! I didn`t order toast because they did not offer GF but that’s ok! There is plenty to eat here! MMMM! The Amarican fries are golden on the outside and creamy on the inside! Perfecto! And my eggs! They are actually done perfect, whites are done not brown! And not slimy! And the yellow is perfectly golden and runny! Ok the steak…cutting into it it feels smooth, tender, and SNAP! Perfectly pink! As I put it into my mouth I notice its juiceyness, and spice to be excellent! What a way to start the day!

Now maybe you are asking what one would pay for a meal this good! You are not gonna believe this! Under 9 bucks! As I look over at my husband`s Denver omelet I notice the fluffy yellow texture, with ample pieces of ham, peppers, and onions and just have to sample it! O my yep wonderful! And his hash browns are crisp golden to perfection! I notice abit of spice in the Denver omlet that enhances the flavor! What a great way to zip up a Denver omelet add a spice cheese! Cost of omelet only $6.49!

The waitress found out it was my birthday and gave me a complimentary scoop of coffee ice cream! Very small because I`m sure its not GF but it was tasty!

Eagle River Inn, come stay here overnight and enjoy their great little restaurant! Basil rating of 4! And we both ate breakfast for under 20 bucks! Can`t beat that!