Happy Bellies

Nutty Caramel Bars, Strawberry Oatmeal Bars, Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Large PB Cupcake


  • friendly
  • clean
  • all gluten free


  • only one store! wish they were everywhere!

2107 N.Richmond Street

Happy Bellies bake shop is my treat to myself when I go to Appleton! I can eat anything they have!! They are 100 percent gluten free! So I do stock up because anything I get freezes well!

Today I`m getting of course the BIG cupcake I love their peanut butter chocolate! Don`t think I`m stopping there! Strawberry oatmeal bars,amazing breakfast treats! Nutty caramel bars! and double chocolate chip cookies!

Don`t get me wrong I do love to bake at home but for some reason tastes soo much better when Happy Bellies does it for me!

I will be sacrificing any diet for you,my readers,ooo the agony! lol!

mmmmm yep! can not even wait til I start the car! Anyone looking at me right now is wondering why this lady is covered in chocolate frosting! Because she is eating alittle bit of heaven! I also have not mastered eating a BIG cupcake without wearing it too!

Nutty Caramel bars I love with a cup of herbal tea in the a.m. they have just the right amount of crunch , sweet/salty, gets the senses going right away in the morning!

Now the double chocolate chip cookies! Moist ,rich,smooth and ah so good with a glass of almond milk!

Sorry gonna have go get your own strawberry oatmeal bar because I`m saving that for another day!

Happy Bellies has a comfortable couch,they have tables n chairs, serving many drinks and what wonderful people!

Appropriately named! A Happy Belly is what I always have when I come here! So jot over to Appleton and make your belly happy!