Greene’s Pour House

Soup and Salad Buffet


  • atmosphere
  • prices
  • friendliness
  • cleanliness


  • No gf pizza

West Wisconsin Ave.

Good day everyone! At least I hope there are a few of you tagging along on our weekly adventures! On this beautiful day we are headed over to Neenah,WI. I have been to this lovely establishment a few times but let`s see if it is as enjoyable as I remember!

Don`t you love when you enter a place and there is a warm smile and big welcome! Makes you feel like well, you are wanted! I believe the tall gentleman behind the bar is the owner or co owner, guess I will have to ask sometime! If not great employee!

My sister and I both have stomach issues and so we both opt for the delicious, tantalizing looking salad and soup bar!

Take a look at the picture of the greens I have posted,notice how there are many shades of green! Exactly how a fresh, inviting salad bar lettuce should look! Trust me! It`s a big deal! Looking at lettuce that just fell out of a pre shredded bag is not my idea of appealing! But this lettuce sure is!! Great job Pour House!

Onto the rest! Choices on a salad bar are also important! having a variety of fresh vegetables,cheeses,dressings,even pastas and meats make a salad bar so worth it! Pour House does an excellent job of these!

Also nothing is spilled over, or crusty,or mixed! Very important to us allergy people!

I always opt for their Chili here, no noodles and I have never had an adverse effect on me! Not only that I really think so far it is hands down the best dang chili around! Thick,rich,meaty,just the right amount of spices! Never can I say no to just one cup!!

They have many beers that are GF and like I said I have never had a problem with salad bar or chili.( But if you are severe celiac please always be careful)

For all others I have been told they have hands down the best margaritas, Pour House`s menu is great! Atmosphere always welcoming! Look at some more of the photos you can see the industrial look,and the beautiful bar! Best off just go downtown Neenah and check them out! Prices amazing! People outstanding! Chili out of this world!!
Tell them we sent ya! O wait!!!!!

I was only talking about the salad and soup part of the lunch ! Probably because I didn`t eat the other part! Officially the buffet is a Pizza,salad and soup!! And if I could eat the pizza I would it looks sooooo good! Also this is a lunch buffet so you have to get there during lunch hours! Adios!