Garden View Restaurant

Greek Salad


  • clean
  • friendly
  • prompt
  • great pricing


  • not celiac friendly

Good day all! Welcome to another adventure! Because I havn`t seen my friend Diane in a while we are gonna go over to Menasha and eat at a place called Garden View!

Lots of parking! That is definitely a plus! Sometimes half the battle of eating is finding a place to park!!

Let`s sneak into the bathroom before we sit down, if we do at all. I don`t know about you but if a bathroom is gross I don`t wanna eat there!

Great, clean and well kept! Off to a good start!

Sometimes when I ask if they have a GF menu I get the stare of “what the heck is this lady talking about!” But this waiter was very friendly and explained that they don`t have a specific menu but that they would be careful in preparation!

Ordering the Diet platter and Greek Salad today are our choices!

Timely and looking great! Like I mentioned food should be appealing to all our senses, they hit the mark! A swan is made out of an apple set into the cottage cheese! Just alittle extra effort in my book goes along way!!

Greek Salad doesn`t skimp on the meat! Smells,looks,and yep tastes wonderful! Those of you who have severe reactions lamb meat may have fillers and not be a good choice for you! Also check ingredients on all salad dressing or do what I do,bring your own! MMM,Tantilizing! mouth watering! refreshing! Looking at the lettuce I appreciate that they put a mixture of greens together! Not just shredded poured out of a bag!!

Not having a seperate GF menu doesn`t mean you won`t find something to eat! We really enjoyed our meals! As always if you need a seperate kitchen and have severe reactions probably not for you. All others enjoy! And if you don`t have gf allergies enjoy some of their yummy desserts for me!!