Basil’s Cafe

Basil's Cafe

1513 N. Richmond Street, Appleton,WI

Want to refresh and lighten up your tastebuds! With fresh ingredients, colorful vegetables, perfectly spiced meals, and excellently prepared food! Than you have to go to Basil`s Cafe!

Let me for warn you! Ordering a bowl of soup, as a before meal soup, is best shared with the table!! And I ordered the small bowl! Mouth watering aromas are emitting from this delectable soup presented before me!

OOO, I`m so forgetting my purpose here! Looking for the gf friendly restaurants! Bingo! They have their menu clearly marked on what is GF and what can be made to be GF! So many choices! Also the waitress is knowledgeable and to our delight the chef has come to talk to us!! Now that is service!
Back to our soup! Tom Yum soup is the name of of this wonderful delight! I enjoy a bit of spice and this soup does not disappoint! Curry, ginger,tender chicken, onions!


My sis ordered their Vietnamese Spring Rolls for an appetizer. These are an item that you request GF as they normally have a noodle in them and their peanut sauce is not GF. They do however offer a great GF sauce! Yummy! Crisp, vegetables inside, cilantro, and they are huge!

To think after all these we ordered main meals! Honestly this would have been good!! Seeing I`m not just a soup and appetizer reviewer we had to keep the food going!!
OOO yea, yum, slurp,(sorry long noodle) these spices,vegetables,shrimp! I can`t even describe my happy dancing tastebuds! So I`m not! Yep! I have enclosed pictures of what we ate and to see if you are out there checking on these wonderful places we are making this review like a seek and find!So get to Basil`s Cafe!