Basil’s Cafe – Again

Basil's Cafe

1513 Richmond St.
Appleton,WI 54914

What else to do on a very hot humid day but to do a review! Even though I have been to Basil`s before I always give a place another chance, because sometimes the first time may have been a spoof! So I`m glad to say that this time was just as amazing as the last!

I ordered the Thai Tea with Lime! Oooo so cool and sweet and delicious! I highly recommend! Of course I have to have an appetizer! Vietnamese Spring Rolls sound great! Their menu is clearly marked GF or GFR which means gfr can be made GF! I believe the peanut sauce has gluten so they don`t serve this with it,they serve another delicious sauce! Now because of the heat I feel like something crisp and cool! Yes! The Vietnamese Lotus Salad! Sounds perfect!
While waiting for my food I look around and enjoy the beautiful paintings,and atmosphere! Very peaceful, clean and relaxing!

Yummy! Spring rolls have arrived! Many people believe spring rolls are deep fried..Not true! Spring rolls are in a rice wrapper with usually veggies in them served cold. These rolls are amazing! I can really taste the fresh herbs and crisp veggies! Serving them with sweet vinaigrette adds to perfection!

On to my scrumptious Lotus Salad! During all my life never have I had a more refreshing salad, although not your typical salad, and not very common, it is a delite everyone should try once! Mixed with mint and basil,carrots,scallions, served with sweet vinaigrette! Look up what Lotus stems are and learn something new! Then go try them!!