Little Fat Gretchens

Miss Daisy Burger, Butternut Squash Soup, Hazelnut Latte


  • friendly
  • good price
  • GF options


  • tempting desert non GF

Adventures in Taste

Welcome to adventures in Taste! With me your host Anna! Today we will stay somewhat local! I`m checking out a cute little place in Waupaca! Little Fat Gretchens! Located downtown right on the main avenue! The average meals are under 10! That is a great deal! Well time to order! Let`s see what they have that is gluten free! I ask the very friendly waitress and to my delight they carry GF bread! So choices for the GF sensitive have greatly increased!

Finding out that the Butternut squash soup is GF friendly! Is awesome! Definitely ordering that! Since they offer GF bread I`m gonna indulge into a Miss Daisy burger! To top it off a sugar free hazelnut latte! If the sound of this doesn’t get your mouth watering!!

When a restaurant takes the time to think of everyone by offering GF breads, it shows they are caring about all their customers! Such an amazing feeling that everyone is important!

MMMMM~! The hazelnut latte is perfect! Creamy, warm, just perfect!!

The retro black and white floor and local artist works on the walls are so welcoming! Soups here let`s see what we have!!

Butternut squash soup! Amazing golden color with creamy smooth texture! O my sweet buttery flavor! Perfect for a crisp fall day!! I taste a hint of Turmeric! Which is actually very good for a person! Unless you have an allergy to it!!

Perfect timing my Daisy burger has arrived! Wow! It looks deliscious! We have ½ lb fresh ground chuck, cooked to perfection! On top of the burger is fresh spinach, pickled fresh onions ,mushrooms ,tomato ,cheese ,fresh green lettuce and Dijon mustard. The sandwich doesn’t come with the pickled onions or mushrooms I added them! Ok enough describing I must eat!!!

Kaboom! My mouth just exploded with flavor! This is probably the best burger I have tasted!! The pickled red onions compliment the Dijon mustard perfectly! And I like my burgers medium and it is!! And it is nice and messy which to me always makes a great burger! Juicy, cheesy, crisp lettuce, and again pickled red onions perfect touch! Definitely the best burger I have had in Waupaca!!

And for those who are not GF sensitive endulge in their amazing bakery!! The cupcakes look divine and smell just as wonderful!!

What a delightful visit! And when the food is this good I take some of the sandwich home for later! I would give this place a Basil rating of 4! Top notch! When you come out to Waupca check it out! Little Fat Gretchens! So worth the drive!!