Getting Back on Track

Hello!! It`s been awhile because I have been running around with my notebook interviewing people, visiting new places, just talking to people, finding new recipes, eating at new places!

Truthfully it’s less intimidating, and easier to carry my little note book than my big laptop!

So excited to be able to share what I have learned and found out! People really are fun! Also I have been fortunate enough to find kind people too!

I have also been gone to attend to a little lung thing! But all is better and I`m ready to rock n roll!

We will be talking about Basil’s Cafe, Crossings Supper Club, The Nutrition Cafe, new recipes, and like I said neat people! You will learn where they are and what I thought!

I know my thoughts subject to opinion but it`s my blog! Lol ( laugh out loud) for those just entering computer world!

YES there are newbies and that`s great! Welcome!

To see if you are paying attention I`m gonna date this down here! May second 2016!


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