Because in this day and age a disclaimer must be written so people know I am not claiming to be a doctor or allergist or to know everything about Gluten allergies or celiac. I am a person who has found out that removing Gluten from my diet helps me stay healthy, and active. I am writing this blog to help people find places that give choices on a Gf restricted diet. A lot of these places are good for those who have a sensitivity but if you have celiac or sensitivity it is up to you to ask if the area they are using is GF safe. It is up to you to decide if these places are safe for you to eat, I am not responsible for where you choose to eat. I am simply trying to find fun, enjoyable places with good food, that may have choices for everyone.

Next I am a firm believer that getting a higher education is great! Learning is essential to life and everyone can benefit from knowledge. This being said not everyone is born with a sense of taste, a great sense of smell and the ability to create wonderful meals, snacks, and treats even with schooling. (ask me about my yam experience sometime)

Being a food blogger does not mean that everything I perceive as pleasing to the palate is the same for everyone. I have a background in food, working and learning from chefs, and short order cooks, and soup cooks, salad chefs, all the time creating my own recipes and running my own kitchens. My views are based on my experience, knowledge, gifted palate, and insistence for friendliness and cleanliness. Again these are just my opinions they don`t necessarily mean I am right, but I am just trying to help people with options and fun!

Also I am from Wisconsin so some of my grammar will sound Wisconsinite like!

I am not responsible for what ever service you receive or food quality at these restaurants/cafes. I do hope you receive the friendliness and good quality I have received.

The tips and switches are again from my own experience I am not responsible for what is made or comes out of other kitchens other than my own.

Same goes for recipes. I am trying to help expand everyones choices of eating gluten free but can not be held respoinsible for what is made outside my own kitchen.

I am not responsible for any ingredients in foods that are marked gluten free or advertised as so.
Again I am only responsible for what is made in my kitchen any other kitchens are your responsibility to keep Gluten free.

Thank you, Anna K.