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Hello,hello hello! Anyone out there? Well won`t be the first time I`m talking to myself! So I`m making a date on my calendar every month to not forget about my fans…lol

I was gonna say welcome January til I realized it slipped by! So welcome 2017 February!

So I`m so greatful for places like Ann`s Gluten Free Foods! I don`t know if you have gotten bread from the grocery store , like aldis but for some reason it`s always dry and still makes my stomache upset. So Monday , Wednesdays and Fridays Ann`s in Appleton makes fresh,soft,warm deliscious bread!

White,Cheddar herb, and my fav tomato basil asiago! I call ahead because I live abit aways and she sets aside some for me I can get after work! Of course I never buy just the bread! There are always more goodies for me there!!! O! Are ya wondering where they are at! They are located at: 3402 N. Richmond Street suite c, appleton WI 54911, Inside the Green Tomato Artisan Market and Kitchen!

Well now that I told you my yummy secret! I`m gonna put more info on the web and try n keep up!

Ta Ta ,

Getting Back on Track

Hello!! It`s been awhile because I have been running around with my notebook interviewing people, visiting new places, just talking to people, finding new recipes, eating at new places!

Truthfully it’s less intimidating, and easier to carry my little note book than my big laptop!

So excited to be able to share what I have learned and found out! People really are fun! Also I have been fortunate enough to find kind people too!

I have also been gone to attend to a little lung thing! But all is better and I`m ready to rock n roll!

We will be talking about Basil’s Cafe, Crossings Supper Club, The Nutrition Cafe, new recipes, and like I said neat people! You will learn where they are and what I thought!

I know my thoughts subject to opinion but it`s my blog! Lol ( laugh out loud) for those just entering computer world!

YES there are newbies and that`s great! Welcome!

To see if you are paying attention I`m gonna date this down here! May second 2016!


Another Thursday is upon us…..

Howdy! Guess I`m saying it that way because I just posted my Cowboy Corn recipe for you all to enjoy!!

I hope that you are all enjoying recipes,and feeling this is helping you and tips are making your transition into the gluten free world easier and less painful than mine was! LOL

I`m hoping to find safe places to eat, and just fun places you can go to and enjoy atmosphere! Throughout the year I will find many different venues, some safe,some not,some music fun, some unique, some way out cool, and when traveling you will be able to enjoy also!

So today is short but sweet and catch ya on the other side.


The week leading us into April!!

Hello! Hope you are all doing well! I had an opportunity last weekend to listen to alot of different people at get together where people brought all different dishes. Better known as a “potluck”. As some of you realize these events can be a nightmare! They don`t have to be, but you may need to be brave and step outside your comfort zone!

Most likely there will be a fruit and veggie tray there, so you won`t starve,but is that all you want? Use your gluten intolerance,or celiac to get to know people,ask what is in the dishes. This way you learn new recipes,get to know others and maybe get to eat alittile bit more!

Listening to others I heard that some people believe Aldi is completely gluten free,…hmmm They are not!! They are like any other store labels must be read,and where stuff is made must be all taken into factors!

Don`t be afraid to let people know your allergies,better safe than toxic! Spending a month detoxifying is not fun!!

I always bring a big dish of something I`m able to eat! Just makes things easier!

I will be posting a gf buffalo chicken dip recipe and bbq pork roast for you to enjoy!!