I would love to welcome ya’ll out to my adventures in taste! Taste is a very important sense, along with sight, hearing, touch, smell and feelings! Guess as we journey together into this world of restaurants, cafes, taverns, pubs, recipes and just plain old fun! we will experience a little of all!         

God has blessed me with an amazing sense of taste and smell (just ask my husband!) He has also blessed me with an ability to create food, recipes and whip up great eattins! He has also blessed me with through out my life to have been able to work and learn from chefs, line cooks, prep cooks, soup chefs, salad chefs, bartenders, wonderful grandma types, all these people have enriched my knowledge of cooking, creating and mixology!

I have even been blessed with a gluten allergy…Sounds funny huh? but because of this I have learned to adapt and create many recipes I can share with other gf free people. I will not exclude anyone my site is for everyone!

I’m also blessed with a bit of gypsy blood and love to travel, meet new people, and search out 2 things! A great Bloody Mary(Maria for me) and fun, friendly places!

Now just cuz i`m blessed with tons doesn`t mean I don`t have a bit of a curse. I tend to tell it like it is, and be a bit of a neat freak so these things will be incorporated in my blog!

Please expect my language to sound a bit Wisconsin like! Because that’s where I growd up ya know! If I say somthin ya don’t understand just ask!!

So fur now enjoy the ride, ask questions, and let’s have sum fun! Yep I did say That!!!